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Transforming high-volume and repetitive documents into accessible and compliant formats without changing your infrastructure.

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    ADStream is the only PDF/UA-compliant solution for turning high-volume and repetitive documents into WCAG 2.0+ AA and PDF/UA (ISO-14289-1) accessible and compliant format.

    With ADStream, you can transform transactional documents like letters, statements, paychecks, notices, bills, client notifications, receipts, boarding passes, policy contracts, and more. ADStream is the only way to ensure these types of documents are accessible and compliant without manual intervention.

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    ADStream Work?

    ADStream processes billions of records in near real-time using automation and artificial intelligence. With this unique software, ADStream can process an unlimited volume of pagers per day including PDF, AFP, PostScript, and XML file inputs.

    The fully customizable API-based service seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure. Documents are automatically configured for processing, then thoroughly validated, and tested to ensure readability, usability, and compliance.

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    ADStream For?

    ADStream helps companies and organizations like financial institutions, insurance companies, telecommunications, travel and hospitality services, utility providers, and federal, state, and local government.

Automated Accessibility Testing: ADStream Features

  • Saves Organizations Time

    ADStream sparer organisasjoner for tid ved å unngå manuelle inngrep og bruke kunstig intelligens-teknologi til å behandle milliarder av poster i tilnærmet sanntid.

  • Seamless Integration

    ADStream integreres sømløst i eksisterende infrastruktur, slik at du ikke trenger å bruke tid eller penger på å omorganisere ditt eksisterende system.

  • Automatic Configuration

    Dokumenter konfigureres automatisk for behandling, validering og testing for å sikre lesbarhet, brukervennlighet og samsvar.

  • Compliance Guarantee

    Hvert dokument som behandles med ADStream inkluderer AbleDocs' 100%-samsvarsgaranti, noe som eliminerer risikoen for rettstvister. Ingen andre verktøy gir denne typen tilgjengelighet.

  • Scalable & Automatic Capabilities

    The scalable and automated processing capabilities of ADStream can handle an unlimited volume of pages per day.

  • Unmatched Performance

    No other tool can meet the performance demands of transactional document processing like ADStream. ADStream provides cost-effective scalability, which means you only pay for what you need.

Why ADStream?

  • No changes to your existing process.
  • Save time and money.
  • Process more documents.
  • Streamline the process with unparalleled scalability.
  • 100% compliance guarantee.

What Security and Privacy Protocols Does ADStream Adhere to?

ADStream adheres to leading global security and privacy protocols like HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA.


  • GDPR


What Legislation and Standards Does ADStream Meet?

ADStream helps companies meet numerous accessibility legislations and standards from around the world including the following accessibility compliance requirements:





EN 301 549

California Code


EN 2016/2102

Avsnitt 508



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Let one of our ADStream advisors advisors guide you to compliance. Contact us and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. It’s time to make your documents accessible for everyone.

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