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  • What is

    AbleDocs’ ADForm is the only accessibility remediation team capable of assisting clients with the four major forms while incorporating accessibility every step of the way.

  • How Does
    Form Work?

    ADForm assists clients with AcroForm, XFA-LiveCycle, Adobe Experience Manager, and HTML. Our experience in simple forms as well as the most highly complex, scripted and dynamic forms helps ensure a user with a print disability is able to independently comprehend and complete your forms.

  • Who is
    Form For?

    ADForm is for anyone who is creating a digital form with accessibility in mind.

Accessible Forms: What Makes ADForm Unique?

Seeking a solution for accessible forms? AbleDocs is the only accessibility remediation team capable of assisting clients with the four major types of forms.

  • ACRO document icon


    AcroForm is a static PDF form that provides an interactive, fillable experience on a traditional print form.

  • XFA-LiveCycle

    XFA-LiveCycle is a dynamic PDF form that allows changes in the requested field to be completed based on previous responses.

  • Adobe Experience Manager

    The Adobe Experience Manager is the newest forms product from Adobe that combines the flexibility of XFA with the extensibility of HTML-based forms.

  • HTML

    HTML web-based forms that allow users to complete their responses in an accessible web page.

What Security and Privacy Protocols Does Form Adhere to?

Form adheres to leading global security and privacy protocols like HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA.


  • GDPR


What Legislation and Standards Does Form Meet?

Form helps companies meet numerous accessibility legislations and standards from around the world including the following accessibility compliance requirements:

  • PDF/UA

  • AODA

  • HHS

  • WCAG 2.1 AA

  • EN 301 549

  • California Code

  • ACA

  • EN 2016/2102

  • Section 508

  • ADA

  • BITV

Compliance and accessibility are at your fingertips

Let one of our Form experts guide you to accessibility. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. It’s time to make your documents accessible to everyone.

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