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The new and improved document-focused, PDF/UA-compliant validation tool

A new and improved website accessibility checker which provides your organization with peace of mind when it comes to document compliance and accessibility.

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What is

ADScan is the only automated tool that scans your internal and external websites and document repositories, and reports on the accessibility of all PDF documents.

How Does
ADScan Work?

ADScan checks websites and document repositories monthly and monitors, tests, tracks, and provides document remediation options, including internal remediation through its original author, internal remediation by a Center of Excellence, outsourcing to AbleDocs, or using the other services from AbleDocs to build a sustainable document accessibility strategy by seeing progress toward their accessibility goal month over month.

Who is
ADScan For?

ADScan’s is the perfect solution for any organization that is looking to helps develop a prioritized plan to make your website’s content accessible. 

Website Accessibility Checker: What Makes ADScan Unique?

  • Monthly Reporting

    Month-over-month reporting to monitor progress with new and remediated files.

  • Accessible UI

    A fully accessible user interface (UI).

  • Improved Algorithm

    An improved algorithm provides a grade that assesses both accessibility and compliance.

  • Capture Historical Progress

    Historical progress reports show how much your organization has improved its document accessibility, making it easier for compliance audit trails to be provided on request.

  • One-click Remediation

    Automatically fix several common accessibility errors with a click of a button.

Why ADScan?

  • Cost-effective accessibility monitoring
  • Easy to understand monthly reports
  • Better reporting outputs than any other tool in the market
  • Makes digital accessibility decision-making easier

What Legislation and Standards Does ADScan Meet?

ADScan helps companies meet numerous accessibility legislations and standards from around the world including the following accessibility compliance requirements:





EN 301 549

California Code


EN 2016/2102

Section 508



Compliance and accessibility are at your fingertips

Let one of our ADScan experts guide you to accessibility. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. It’s time to make your documents accessible to everyone.

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