AbleDocs solves high-volume document accessibility for financial institutions with ADStream

Release Date: avril 5, 2023

AbleDocs, the global leader in digital accessibility products and services, announced today the relaunch of one of its most important products for document accessibility and compliance for financial institutions, ADStream.

ADStream is the only PDF/UA-compliant solution for turning high-volume and repetitive documents into WCAG 2.0+ AA and PDF/UA (ISO-14289-1) accessible and compliant format without manual intervention.

“With ADStream, we’re continuing our push to democratize accessibility for financial organizations, like banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions,” said Adam Spencer, President and CEO of AbleDocs. “By putting more power into the hands of organizations to make their high-volume transactional documents fully accessible and compliant, we’re lowering the entry barriers to becoming digitally accessible.”

With its customizable API-based service seamlessly integrating into an organization’s existing infrastructure, ADStream helps ensure the compliance of documents like letters, statements, paycheques, notices, bills, client notifications, receipts, policy contracts, and more.

The newly revamped ADStream has:

  • A more dynamic and robust engine that makes finding and tagging content more straightforward than ever;
  • Faster performance capability thanks to its first-of-its-kind accessibility engine;
  • The ability for organizations to set up and configure their documents and projects with its new user-friendly interface; and
  • The ability to have the content stored on-premise or remotely.

With approximately 80% of internet users choosing to bank online, it’s imperative for financial institutions to provide accessible content every step of the way, especially when it comes to documents. Currently, 58% of banks currently don’t even meet the minimum digital accessibility requirements, which means they’re failing to cater to their customers’ needs.

With AbleDocs’ ADStream, financial institutions can ensure they’re proactively addressing accessibility barriers within the content they produce. By being accessible, they can distinguish themselves from others who are neglecting the needs of nearly 15% of the global population with a disability.

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About AbleDocs

AbleDocs is the world leader in digital accessibility, with offices worldwide. AbleDocs offers products and services that help to ensure high-volume document accessibility compliance, testing, training, and web compliance.

AbleDocs is the only company to ensure the compliance of every file they produce with a guaranteed $10,000,000 liability coverage. Offerings include ADService, ADScan, ADStream, ADLegacy, ADTraining, ADAudit and the Grackle Suite.

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