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‘Get Gracklin’: How ‘to Grackle’ Became Synonymous with Accessibility for our Customers

Posted by: 
Jeff Mills
on January 11, 2024 from Canada

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, language has a fascinating way of adapting. Today, we delve into an intriguing linguistic development: how “Gracklin’,” “Grackled,” and the phrase “to Grackle” have become synonymous with making something accessible in the world of our customers.

The journey of these terms begins with GrackleDocs, a trailblazer in digital accessibility solutions. What started as a brand name has transformed into a verb in the everyday lexicon of our clients – a testament to the profound impact of GrackleDocs in the accessibility community.

Gracklin’ with Documents: “Gracklin’” – a playful twist on the brand name – has come to signify the act of transforming digital documents into accessible formats. When a team is in the throes of ensuring that a document is readable by all, including those with disabilities, they’re ‘Gracklin’ it. This term embodies the meticulous process of making documents compliant with international accessibility standards.

Being Grackled: Similarly, ‘Grackled’ has emerged as a way to describe a document or website that has been successfully made accessible. For instance, a PDF that has undergone the transformation to be fully inclusive is often referred to as being ‘Grackled.’ It’s a badge of honor, indicating that the content is not just compliant, but also empathetic and inclusive.

To Grackle: The phrase ‘to Grackle’ is perhaps the most significant of all. It transcends the act of mere compliance; it’s about embracing a mindset. To Grackle means to actively think about and implement accessibility from the ground up. It’s about creating content with the foresight of inclusivity – considering all potential users right from the start of the design process.

Conclusion: The emergence of ‘Gracklin’,’ ‘Grackled,’ and ‘to Grackle’ as part of the accessibility vernacular is more than just a quirky linguistic trend. It’s a reflection of the growing awareness and importance of digital accessibility in our society. These terms signify a shift in mindset, from accessibility being an afterthought to it being an integral part of the creation process.

GrackleDocs is proud to have its name associated with such a positive and transformative movement. As these terms continue to weave their way into the fabric of our digital conversations, we remain committed to leading the charge in creating a more accessible and inclusive digital world.

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