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Giving you peace of mind when it comes to your digital accessibility.

What's Happening?

As of Thursday, July 13, 2023, Marriott Digital Services (MDS) will no longer oversee your hotel’s digital accessibility needs.

What does this mean for your hotel?

Now that MDS is no longer handling your document accessibility remediation needs, you’ll need to work directly with AbleDocs, Marriott’s preferred digital accessibility vendor, to ensure you’re accessible and compliant.

What if we don’t remediate our PDFs?

If you stop remediating your PDFs, you’re opening your hotel to costly litigation for non-compliance with regional accessibility legislation and human rights codes. Marriott has already faced class action claims for its website being inaccessible. Don’t put your hotel in a position to be sued for inaccessible content.

How Can AbleDocs Help?

With AbleDocs by your side, you get peace of mind that your digital presence is fully accessible and compliant. Whether it’s a website or document, we’ve got you covered.

AbleDocs, a full-service digital accessibility provider, is here to mitigate your hotel’s risks when it comes to security, privacy and compliance.

Through our ADService program, we provide you with:

  • The compliance of every file produced that’s backed up with a guaranteed $10,000,000 liability coverage.
  • The largest on-demand PDF accessibility remediation team in the world.
  • Support in 49 languages, with offices around the world.
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We help put your hotel forward as a brand that cares about accessibility and inclusion. 

Introducing the Marriott Advantage

AbleDocs offers the Marriott Advantage membership, a $50/month program that gives you special discounted rates for your remediation needs through AbleDocs’ ADService.

When you sign up, we’ll set your hotel up with a unique gateway portal that makes uploading your documents secure and easy.

After the portal is created, the process you’re used to doesn’t change.

With this transition, we’re helping simplify the overall process for you:

Easy access to support

Simplified billing

And the same great service

With the Marriott Advantage Membership, you also get access to additional discounted rates for other AbleDocs products and services like:

Get a monthly report on your website’s document accessibility and compliance.

Have your web, document, desktop and mobile application audited manually and through a usability team to ensure your organization is accessibility compliant with its digital presence.

Provide your team learning opportunities to grow their buy-in on digital accessibility.

Get help building your long-term digital accessibility strategy to ensure you are compliant today, tomorrow and forever more.

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