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Introducing AbleBot

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on May 17, 2023 from Canada

In honour of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we’re excited to introduce you to AbleDocs’ new mascot, AbleBot!

Rocking the tagline, “AbleBot is the name and accessible adventure is the game!” AbleBot will be our go-to resource to share tips, tricks and easy ways to understand every aspect of digital accessibility. 

For those new to Global Accessibility Day, also known as GAAD, it is celebrated on the third Thursday of May every year. The purpose of this day is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital accessibility and inclusion, as well as learn more about how over one billion people with disabilities engage with the digital world.

But before you see AbleBot everywhere, it’s only fitting to introduce you to it properly.

Get to know AbleBot

Pronouns: They/Them

Age: It’s impolite to ask.

Address: The Universe, but I reside in Canada (for now)

Favourite movie: WALL-E

Favourite album: Queen – News of the World

Favourite show: iRobot

Favourite song: Kraftwerk – The Robots

What does digital accessibility mean to you?

Digital accessibility means complete barrier-free access to all information available through a computer or mobile device. So whether it’s a website, mobile app, webinar or document, everything should be accessible. 

What’s your go-to accessibility tip?

If you’re on social media, capitalize the first letter of each word in your multi-word hashtags. This is called Camel Case, and it makes it easier for everyone to understand what your hashtag is supposed to mean.

That’s it for now! But stay tuned for more from AbleBot, including tips, tricks, and insights on digital accessibility!

The AbleBot robot in six different positions the AD AbleBot logo underneath.
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