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  • The Legal Landscape: Is your institution prepared to meet the current DOJ and OCR requirements for proactive digital accessibility?

    October 11, 2023  October 11, 2023

    MS Teams

    Join Dr. Ann Knettler, Vice President of Educational Leadership for AbleDocs and digital accessibility strategist, as she provides essential actions and takeaways that will protect the Civil Rights of individuals with disabilities, significantly reduce legal risk, limit liability, and provide a strategic approach to access that can be tailored to an institution’s individual needs.

  • Being Accessible in Your Communications

    October 25, 2023  October 25, 2023

    MS Teams

    When it comes to accessibility, it’s progress over perfection. In this interactive session, we’re going to show how you can create accessible social media and web content and provide you with the basics of accessible document strategies. Communication can deepen connections and boast inclusion, diversity, and equality while being equitable, but only when the content is accessible to everyone. Join Matisse Hamel-Nelis as she presents her hit IABC World Conference session on accessible communications.


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