Scan for WP FAQs

1. What’s the difference between ADScan and ADScan for WordPress?

A: ADScan provides monthly scanning of your website (WordPress or otherwise), while ADScan for WordPress will scan your WordPress site’s PDFs within the media repository or you can choose the files you’d like checked for accessibility compliance within your website.

2. What features come with ADScan for WordPress?

A. ADScan for WordPress provides users with:

  • Instant Accessibility Scans: Swiftly identifies areas needing adjustments with actionable recommendations.
  • Universal Compliance Checks: Examines documents against global accessibility standards, ensuring diverse requirements are met.
  • Detailed Reports: Provides insightful, easy-to-understand reports pinpointing accessibility issues.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Gives users instant feedback as adjustments are made.
  • Secure Processing: Prioritizes user security, ensuring files are processed securely and never stored.

3. I just uploaded a collection of files, but I have already run my monthly scan. Do I have to wait a month to run another scan?

A. Reach out to us for an additional scan credit by filling out the form located on the Get Started with ADScan for WP page.

4. I want to run multiple scans per month to monitor my document repository, how can I get constant file monitoring?

A. This is on our roadmap. If it’s something you would be interested in, let us know via the form located on our Get Started with ADScan for WP page.

5. My license says I have 10 files and 10 scans. What is the difference between a file and a scan?

A. a. Your file count is the number of PDF files in your media library. A scan is the number of times you have used the plugin. As a trial user, you get to scan 10 files OR run up to 10 scans, whichever happens first.

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