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A History of ADWebKey

ADWebKey (previously Web Key IT) was created by Dr. Vivienne Conway, a recognized digital accessibility professional and researcher, to ensure barrier-free access to digital content for people with disabilities and the aging population.

Located in Perth, Australia and Kuwait City, Kuwait, Web Key IT offer various services, including accessibility consulting, technical assessments, user testing, auditing and accreditation, and training, to promote and educate organizations on how to ensure digital resources meet the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Web Key IT Becomes Part of AbleDocs

In 2021, AbleDocs acquired Web Key IT, and the company rebranded into ADWebKey. As of today, ADWebKey is now operating as part of AbleDocs.

Technical website and application audits, as well as useability audits, are now part of AbleDoc’s ADAudit (link). As part of the acquisition, the newly branded ADWebKey became AbleDocs’s fully active member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

AbleDocs is the world leader in digital accessibility. With offices worldwide, AbleDocs originally offered products and services that ensured document accessibility compliance, testing and training. With the addition of ADWebKey to the suite of products and services, AbleDocs is now a full-service digital accessibility provider focused on document and web accessibility, as well as he accessibility of any other digital content.

This means AbleDocs clients now benefit from the accessibility expertise of the ADAudit team, who are recognized experts in WCAG standards and providing training and consulting services. In contrast, ADWebKey clients get access to document accessibility services, including the full scope of Validate, Remediate, Educate, and Create (TM pending) products.