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What is ADScan for WordPress?

ADScan for WordPress is a cutting-edge WordPress widget designed to scan PDF documents within your website’s media repository, ensuring their accessibility and compliance with global standards.

How does ADScan for WordPress Work?

ADScan for WordPress checks you WordPress site’s media repository and instantly provides accessibility scans, universal compliance checks, and detailed, user-friendly reports of the PDFs found on the site, enabling users to optimize their documents for universal readability efficiently.

Who is ADScan for WordPress for?

ADScan for WordPress is the perfect solution for any organization that is looking to helps develop a prioritized plan to make your WordPress website’s content accessible. 

What make ADScan for WordPress unique?

  • PDF document icon

    Instant Accessibility Scans

    Swiftly identifies areas needing adjustments with actionable recommendations.

  • Universal Compliance Checks

    Examines documents against global accessibility standards, ensuring diverse requirements are met.

  • Detailed Reports

    Provides insightful, easy-to-understand reports pinpointing accessibility issues.

  • Real-Time Feedback

    Gives users instant feedback as adjustments are made.

  • Secure Processing

    Prioritizes user security, ensuring files are processed securely and never stored.

Why ADScan for WordPress?

  • It’s the only document accessibility scanning tool that embeds with your WordPress backend
  • Cost-effective PDF accessibility monitoring
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Better reporting outputs than any other tool in the market
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What legislation and standards does ADScan for WordPress meet?

ADScan for WordPress helps companies meet numerous accessibility legislations and standards from around the world including the following accessibility compliance requirements:





EN 301 549

California Code


EN 2016/2102

Section 508



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