Being compliant is a process, just like building a great website.
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Having a visual or cognitive impairment shouldn’t limit document accessibility. Not having knowledge or expertise of being compliant shouldn’t limit you either. At AbleDocs we believe being compliant should be straightforward, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Always compliant, always AbleDocs

We know how complicated being compliant can seem. We also know how to make it an easy and rewarding experience. AbleDocs has developed a best in class toolset to make document remediation attainable through a simple process that is compliant 100% of the time. With the highest security standards and deep category insight, we deliver on time and at a fair and competitive price.

At AbleDocs we believe web content should be available for everyone. We are committed to being the champions of ad-hoc and high-volume document remediation while providing category leadership to push the industry forward. We continue to evolve our solutions through informed workflow and technological innovation with the goal of making the web accessible for everyone.

No limitations. We make sure web content works for everyone the way it should.

Our workflow makes document remediation simple, efficient, cost-effective and secure.

We assign advisors to every client ensuring an easy and transparent process. Results you can rely on—every time.

Start your journey to complete compliance with AbleDocs

Document accessibility needs vary—that’s why we offer 6 distinct solutions. With the option to combine our services we ensure that your remediation will run smoothly from start to finish. Not sure which options are best for you? Let your AbleDocs advisors guide you and provide the right type of service to meet your unique needs.

AD Service

Compliance happens. AbleDocs professionals are agile and experienced to handle any ad-hoc documentation needs.

  • Ad-hoc document remediation
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast turnaround
  • Secure
  • Compliance guaranteed
AD Gateway

Our custom and secure portal allows anyone in your organization to easily upload files directly to AbleDocs and have them returned compliant with all local and standard laws.

  • Custom and unique gateway
  • Secure
  • Compliance guaranteed
AD Stream

Innovative technologies and workflows make your high-volume document remediation needs run smoothly.

  • High-volume document remediation
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible with legacy systems
  • Fast turnaround
  • Secure
  • Compliance guaranteed
AD Forms

AbleDocs is the only accessibility remediation team capable of assisting clients with the four major types of forms—AcroForm, XFA-LiveCycle, AEM and HTML. We have experience in simple forms as well as highly complex scripted dynamic forms that ensure a user with a print disability is able to independently comprehend and complete your forms.

AD Publish

The education sector has unique needs that AbleDocs is ready to meet. AD Publish has a custom workflow process optimized for higher education institutions.

  • Custom solutions for the education sector
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient
  • Secure
  • Compliance guaranteed
AD Scan

When dealing with a large number of files on your site, understanding if all of them are compliant can be a difficult task. With best in class technology, AD Scan will audit your website to determine your precise document compliance requirements.

  • Automated assessment
  • Understands holistic needs
  • Provides holistic solution
  • Compliance guaranteed

We stand behind you and our work. At AbleDocs you can feel safe knowing that our commitment to delivering compliant documents is backed by our 10 million dollar insurance policy.

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